LOGOBG hybrid cleaning, critical parts cleaning system  for Aviation, Optics, Ball Bearings Winchester Va LOGOBG

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- Effectively removes BOTH organic and inorganic contaminants.


- Adapts to multiple solvents for multiple contaminants, optional two solvent delivery for multiple contaminants.


- Meets MIL STD-1334

Your alternative critical

cleaning solution

                        Cleaning of:

• Hybrids

• MicroElectronics

• RF & Microwave

• Ball Grid Array

Benefits of our cleaning methods


- Avoids the potentially corrosive effect of aqueous systems


- Components complete the process both clean and dry, no oven baking required


- Solvents packaged in easy to handle quart or gallon, particulate, free glass containers


- Dupont Vertel Solvents

  AK225 Solvents

- All Cobehn solvents are non-flammable and non-explosive.


- Dupont Vertel Solvents

AK225 Solvents

AK225 Replacement Solvent


- Use of Cobehn Fume Containment glove box prevents inhalation of harmful vapors or chemical splash back


- Lowest capital and operating cost equipment available


- Average solvent consumption measured in ounces not drums.


- No hazardous waste removal cost

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For over 60 years, your affordable, operator safe, proven effective, and environmentally friendly critical cleaning  

alternative to:

•Ultrasonic cleaning

•Plasma cleaning

•Vapor degreasing

•Aerosol sprays


Better Cleaning

Safe for Components

Safe for employees

Cost Efficient

• Printed Circuit Boards

• Surface Mount Devices

• Precision Mechanical Devices

• Accelerometers

• Avionics

• Optics

• Ball Bearings

Optics Deblocking

...and other components where long term reliability, process, or appearance requires cleaning.