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About Cobehn

Cobehn Systems line of precision cleaning equipment and ultra pure solvents have been meeting the unique needs of the critical cleaning industry since 1952. For over fifty years Cobehn products have been continuously upgraded to meet the most demanding needs of manufacturers in the Hi Rel Industries seeking a solution to their "final cleaning" needs in an environmentally friendly, employee safe, and cost effective manner.


More recently, as increasing focus is being placed on cost reduction, coupled with greater awareness on quality and long term reliability issues many companies are recognizing that critical cleaning is not just for hi-rel applications.  Many of these companies are recognizing that their cleaning  equipment and processes have not kept pace with other manufacturing advances and have begun to rely on Cobehn's simple, but effective and low cost approach, to improving process cleaning to allow them to stay competitive in the market... without incurring high capital or operating costs!









Cobehn Systems offers a complete line of easily integrated modular components designed to meet the needs of both small volume hand cleaning applications and fully automated batch cleaning stations needed where uniformity of the cleaning process is critical. Although the system approach of using Cobehn equipment in conjunction with Cobehn's electronic grade, specially filtered solvents generally assures the highest degree of contaminant control and removal, the Cobehn equipment is universally compatible with all solvents, alcohol, and acetone currently being used for specialty cleaning needs.



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