LOGOBG hybrid cleaning, critical parts cleaning system  for Aviation, Optics, Ball Bearings Winchester Va LOGOBG

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The Cobehn Advantage

Better Cleaning

• Continual use of fresh solvent does not subject the part to new contamination, cleaning without leaving residue.

• The only process that effectively removes BOTH organic and inorganic contaminants.

• Controlled velocity atomized spray drives contaminants away, including insoluble particulates - - ideal for low stand off and through hole technology.

• Ability to use any available solvent technology allows versatility in selection of proper chemistry for particular application.

• Can adapt to multiple solvents for multiple contaminants, optional two solvent delivery for multiple contaminants.

Safe for Components

• Avoids the potentially corrosive effect of aqueous systems.

• Safe for assemblies subject to ultrasonic degradation.

• Components complete the process both clean and dry, no oven baking required

• Gentle atomizing spray will not damage delicate wire bonds

Safe For Employees

• All Cobehn solvents are non-flammable and non-explosive.

• Use of Cobehn Fume Containment glove box prevents inhalation of harmful vapors or chemical splash back.

• Solvents packaged in easy to handle quart containers.

Environmentally Friendly

• Cobehn sells only non ozone depleting solvents.

• Extremely low emissions - Zero emissions if fume recovery units are deployed.

Cost Efficient

• Lowest capital and operating cost equipment available.

• Average solvent consumption measured in ounces not drums.

• Small footprint requires only a 48” table, conserving floor space.

• Easy and fast process does not require skilled labor.

• Installation involves only 110V and 80psi nitrogen or air.

• No hazardous waste removal cost.

• Profit improvement from fewer rejects.