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The Cobehn Model 1400 provides a low cost and environmentally friendly solution for the critical cleaning of  electronic, mechanical, and optic devices from the very smallest to 12" in size that require cleaning to ensure long term reliability, appearance, or secondary process requirements.

Cobehn Model 1400


Using a patented venturi design atomizing sprayer it gently removes both organic and inorganic contaminants including fluxes, oils, fingerprints, dust, and particulates.   It can be used with virtually any solvent or alcohol to to thoroughly clean printed circuit and smt boards, micro-electronic components, optic devices, ball bearings, other precision mechanical devices, and any component requiring either basic or more critical cleaning.


Using only a minute amount of solvent its gentle impingement process quickly cleans and dries even the most intricate and complex components without the need to deal with any hazardous waste disposal issues.  Devices are cleaned and dried in a one short 10 to 20 second process that can be performed without skilled labor.


Whether used in conjunction with, or as alternative to, ultrasonics, vapor degreasing, plasma, or simple hand cleaning,its cost effective and simple process have been used in a variety of manufacturing and lab applications installations for over 50 years.

Consider the cost savings and quality benefits of Model 1400

- Operates with any currently available solvent chemistries and alcohol

- Atomizing spray can not harm even the most delicate of components

- Virtually zero energy cost to operate-no boiling sumps, 110v system with no high energy pumps, or continuous exhaust system required

- Simple equipment design and venturi spray delivery process eliminate technical maintenance expense and costly down time

- Virtually no installation cost-needs only 110v, 80#psi, and fume hood

- Small 14"x14"footprint saves bench top space

- Atomizing sprayer ensures evaporation of chemical to eliminate hazardous waste treatment disposal costs

- Low initial capital cost - low monthly leases available

- Dual nozzle sprayer available

- Designed for long life and no maintenance expense

- 2 year full warranty when used with Cobehn filtered solvents                          

OPTIONAL:  Glove box with fume extraction/containment system as pictured below

Processed controlled cleaning system 4450CA stainless steel glovebox equipment Fume extraction equipment

Spray clean solvent, Vertrel, and AKA-AK225

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