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The Cobehn Process

Reliable and user friendly precision engineered spraying and drying equipment delivers a gentle atomizing spray to effectively remove both organic and inorganic contaminants using only a fraction of an ounce of solvent. Organic contaminants trapped in blind holes and low standoff areas are dissolved, while the solvent wetting action, combined with controlled impingement, breaks the bond between particulates and the component surface to gently flush away inorganic contamination.

Following the spray cycle, the internal thermostatically controlled heater provides warmed nitrogen to insure adequate drying. Total cycle processing time averages less than 15 seconds per device and is the only commercially available cleaning process which will remove both organic and inorganic contaminants with one piece of equipment.

The exclusive "Mini-Clean Room" concept allows the process to be completed within a stainless steel precision engineered glove box to assure worker safety. This enables evaporation of the chemical so that the vapors can be removed by the customers in-house exhaust system or through the optional Cobehn Fume Filtration unit. This system protects the technician from potentially dangerous vapors or unpleasant odors and eliminates the need for costly hazardous waste disposal.

The Cobehn VOC fume filtration system answers the environmental concerns associated with venting of solvent vapors directly into the atmosphere. Filtration of toxic chemicals prevents odors and vapors from entering the work area and eliminates the need for adding new venting systems and offers greater flexibility in the layout and redesign of the production area. The combination of the Cobehn containment chamber and VOC filtration unit provides the most adaptable and cost effective solution to addressing our environmental responsibilities.