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The Cobehn System 4450 "Mini Clear Room" is a process controlled, fully integrated cleaning and fume containment system designed for hi-rel applications which require strict control over the  duration of the staging, cleaning, and drying cycles which make the Cobehn system so effective in cleaning in cleaning critical components.

Cleaning System 4450CA

A digital process controller provides the ability to program the number of seconds for each of the cycles to ensure the most effective and efficient cleaning and drying for each component, regardless of size or complexity of the device being cleaned.  In addition, the controller allows the settings for both operating pressure and temperature to allow flexibility in using different solvents depending on the contaminant to be removed at each step of the manufacturing process.  Once all parameters have been set, they can not be changed without access to the 4 digit security code.


The custom engineered stainless steel glove box serves two purposes. Not only does it provide a "mini clean room" environment to ensure components are not exposed to new contaminants after cleaning but it protects the technician from exposure to any vapors that might be present during the cleaning process. When connected to the Cobehn Fume Extractor unit the system becomes a self contained, air tight system protecting everyone within the work environment from chemical exposure.


Flexibility and adaptability is a trademark of all Cobehn equipment and the System 4450 is no exception.   To ensure the ability to clean even larger devices the system is equipped standard with a dual nozzle and shut off valve to disable one nozzle when cleaning  standard size components.   Since larger size components generally require more flexibility in the cleaning process a simple switch converts the system to manual operation allowing the technician to control the length of the spray cycle using a foot pedal.


For larger volume applications the unique Cobehn design allows the incorporation of custom designed parts holding devices which, when combined with the air driven, oscillating parts transporter, permits the automated cleaning of multiple parts in a consistent and uniform manner with only minimal operator intervention to load and unload the parts racks.

Consider the flexibility of the system 4450

-Dual nozzle precision crafted atomizing sprayers with shut off valve to enable single or dual operation

-Digital interface processor controls staging, cleaning, and drying cycle times with adjustable volume sounder to indicate completion of cleaning process

-Security lock out code prevents unauthorized changes to cleaning parameters

-Custom #304 stainless steel glove box with large glass viewing area, top mounted fluorescent light, 16" x 16" access door, and choice of circular open ports, large rectangular opening, or fully sealed airtight ports

-Lowest solvent usage equipment currently available in the market--- atomizing design of sprayers combined with continuing air flow ensures fast  evaporation of chemical eliminating need for hazardous waste disposal  

-Elimination of all electrical devices inside the cleaning chamber allows use of virtually any solvent technology including alcohol

-Heater disable feature and nitrogen blanketing inside chamber assure safe operation even with flammable solvents

-Modular design allows up to 8 sprayers and pneumatically driven oscillator fixture to be retrofitted to base model without purchase of entire system

-Console mounted switch coverts system from automatic to manual operation offering technician total control over cleaning process for specialized applications

-American made to precise tolerances to ensure reliability and virtually maintenance free operation

-Full 2 year warranty on processor components and 3 years on spray nozzles when used with Cobehn 2 micron filtered solvents

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