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When you work with Cobehn, Inc., it's easy to see why we've been preferred in the industry for more than 60 years.

Dupont Vertrel MCA & SMT

Clean oils, greases, and more!

Spray clean solvent

Cleans flux and other soils!


AK225 Replacement

Environmentally safe HCFC

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Remove ionic (polar), non-ionic (non-polar) and particulate soils from sensitive electronic, optic and mechanical equipment with ease when you invest in the high purity solvents sold by the most reputable high tech cleaning firm.


Speak with our friendly experts to determine which high purity solvent is right for your equipment and unique requirements.


You'll get an affordable and environmentally-friendly solution to your cleaning problems when you work with us!


Make a sound investment, and keep your equipment working as it should.


A cost effective and practical solution

High purity filtered solvent, non flamable, alcohol alternative hybrid cleaning  spray
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